Maple 6 blends the symbolic with numeric

An integrated suite of symbolic and numerical solvers forms the core of the latest release of maple, available from Adept Scientific.

The new computation engine in Maple 6 centres on the use of a range of matrix computation algorithms, adapted and optimised for Maple’s interactive environment. The first tangible result of a partnership between Waterloo Maple and NAG, Maple 6 combines and integrates the flexibility and intelligence of Waterloo Maple’s symbolic computation algorithms with the reliability, accuracy and power of NAG’s numerical solvers.

Another new feature of this release is the ability to call external routines in C/C++ or Fortran and link them dynamically as if they were native Maple routines.

External routines that take a function as an argument can be passed a Maple function. All data translations between Maple and external data types are handled automatically. These new programmability enhancements deliver greater flexibility to Maple users.

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