Marconi takes over Nokia joint venture

Marconi has taken over Nokia’s majority shareholding in a joint venture with the Guilin Optical Communications Engineering Factory, a telecoms equipment supplier which is part of the Chinese Ministry of Information Industries.

The former Guilin Nokia Telecoms (GNT) enterprise has been renamed Guilin Marconi Telecoms (GMT), as part of the agreement signed in November 1999 under which Marconi acquired Nokia’s global capabilities in SDH (synchronous digital hierarchy) network transmission equipment.

Based in the city of Guilin, the joint venture has 108 local employees and annual sales of US$40 million.

The company has focussed on marketing Nokia’s Synfonet SDH products since it was originally established in 1992 and has built a customer base throughout China, principally with provincial operations of China Unicom and the Ministry of Power. As Guilin Marconi Telecoms, its product portfolio will be expanded to include the range of Marconi network transmission, broadband and access solutions.

Marconi has three other joint ventures in the country, including the Shanghai GPT company (soon to be renamed Shanghai Marconi Communications Equipment Company Ltd), which was set up in 1996 between Marconi and the Shanghai Railway Communications Equipment Factory (SRC), the state-owned manufacturer of telecoms equipment. In four years, Shanghai GPT has provided network solutions to a broad spectrum of customers, including the Power Industry, Ministry of Railway and China Unicom.

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