Market leader

Surrey-based AIRCOM International has been named the market-leading supplier of engineering tools to operators by OSS Observer.

The recently published OSS Observer Service Fulfilment Market Review report reveals that the company currently has a 19 per cent share of a $542m (£275m) market. By tracking revenues for products and other related professional services, it estimates AIRCOM’s 2007 engineering tools revenue market to be $85m (£43m), with strong operator mobile network expansion believed to be the key factor behind growth.

AIRCOM chief executive Margaret Rice-Jones said: ‘The mobile engineering tools arena is changing rapidly as operators look to get better spectrum, improve equipment efficiency and support more customers with less staff.’

The OSS Observer report predicts that global engineering tool spend by operators will reach $649m (£329m) by 2012, with spend on stand-alone technology tools declining. As networks become more complex OSSpredicts that end-to-end service and network design tools will grow to become the predominant factor in the industry.