Marking up the slate

General Motors has chosen SDRC’s SLATE system for organising the lifecycle of its products and to implement its requirements information management system.

System level automation tool for enterprises (SLATE) is web-based groupware that organises the lifecycle of a given product into a system of interrelated documents, market requirements and viewing perspectives. Using this systems-based architecture, project teams have a consistent frame of reference and can make decisions based on collaboration between the different disciplines involved in the development of automotive products.

‘SLATE represents a systems approach to product development for GM. It fits into our overall math data pipeline that features Unigraphics, with interfaces to iMAN,’ said Kirk Gutmann, develop product information officer, General Motors. ‘We have recognised that our product development and its related requirements represents a very complex environment where many different disciplines need to work together. As part of that recognition, we have developed a Requirements Information Management.’

‘GM is absolutely committed to implementing and executing systems engineering, and we need IT solutions to manage engineering requirements and integration information at minimum cost,’ said George Polen, director, Systems Engineering, General Motors Corporation.

As well as providing e-business solutions, SDRC’s products are designed to optimise product development, increase productivity and reduce time-to-market. SDRC employs more than 2,500 people worldwide, with 77 offices in 18 countries.