MAS South East offers access to free business reviews

The Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) South East is offering any business in the region involved in manufacturing production or assembly access to a free review with one of its industry specialists.

Each review will involve a hands-on assessment and diagnostic of the business, highlighting areas of opportunity and actions that can be implemented in order to improve operational performance, efficiency levels and output.

David Caddle, programme manager at MAS South East, said: ‘More often than not, it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to refocus a company, providing the opportunity to take a step back from day-to-day operations and reassess the wheel. Our specialists provide impartial advice and approach every business without prejudice, meaning there are no “sacred cows”, so we can really get to the heart of an issue.

‘Our whole ethos is about not just parachuting in, solving a problem and walking away, but about delivering sustainable improvements and changes that can be continued and developed once we’ve left — a transfer of skills that can be maintained by the people doing the job every day.’