Massive MRI magnet for Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen’s Radiology Department has taken delivery of a seven-tonne, £1.5m ring magnet for a powerful new MRI scanner to be used in brain and cancer research.

The magnet, which is heavier than a fully grown African elephant, will be installed by Philips Medical Systems. It will be brought into the building through a large hole in the wall, which will be closed after the installation.

The new scanner will replace the current dedicated research MRI scanner and enhance the superb imaging facilities already at the University and will be operational in September.

Aberdeen clinicians and scientists were the first in the world to scan a patient’s body using MRI 25 years ago. Aberdeen was the first centre in Scotland to have PET imaging which is used for diagnosing cancer patients and for clinical research, and a University scientist has also begun developing an entirely new type of MRI scanner.