Pneumatic cylinders can now achieve constant low speed performance to match that of hydraulic rams, with the launch of the PES cylinder with its Omega seal from Asco Joucomatic. The seal offers performance down to 1mm/min without slip stick or jerking. Its dynamics ensure that high speed performance is up to 3m/s maximum.

Unlike conventionally sealed cylinders whose pairs of piston seals have four contact points on the cylinder barrel and piston groove, the new seal has only two. This means the seal does not have the double radial sealing constraints of a conventional cylinder, and can operate with minimal friction to achieve low pressure breakaways (just a few millibars).

The seal is laterally moving and its shape and dynamics give an air cushion effect that has the benefit of ensuring that no overheating of the seal occurs, resulting in a longer service life. A cylinder with a 500mm stroke operating at one cycle per second, 12hr a day, 245 days a year would hence have a service life of 7 years.

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