Materials Web Watch

If you are hooked up to the Internet, there are a number of interesting sites worth checking out if you are looking for materials related topics.

JMR is an interdisciplinary journal serving the materials research community through publication of original research articles (and occasional invited reviews) encompassing the synthesis, processing, characterisation, properties and theoretical description of materials. JMR is owned and published by the Materials Research Society. The Web site can be found at

FreeMDS is a no-charge service that provides data sheets on all sorts of plastic materials.. This growing database contains over 30,000 Material Data Sheets from North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. FreeMDS can be reached on the Web at

MatWeb’s database ( is comprised of data sheets and spec sheets supplied by manufacturers and distributors. It currently includes coverage of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers, aluminum, magnesium, steel, titanium and zinc alloys, superalloys, plus a solid and growing list of cast irons, ceramics, copper alloys, lead alloys, semiconductors, and fibres for composites. Dozens of materials are said to be added daily.

The Advanced Engineering Materials Research Profile Directory from the Materials Research Society (Pittsburgh, PA) focuses on University, National laboratory and US federally funded laboratory communities. In addition to address, telephone and e-mail information, each profile identifies a researcher’s focus area from over 30 areas, and provides insight into the laboratory procedures and techniques used. The database is easily searched by any of the over 30 fields, including research description, geographical area and more. And all data is provided directly by the researchers profiled, so that information is current and accurate. It is available in print directory or computer database format More information is available at – Dave Wilson