Maths in court

The US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has denied National Instruments’ motion to find The MathWorks modified Simulink product in contempt of the Court’s prior rulings.

The MathWorks took steps in September 2004 to modify Simulink so that it would comply with an earlier court decision in connection with patent litigation that National Instruments brought against The MathWorks’ Simulink product.

The MathWorks stopped selling an earlier version of Simulink and is now selling a modified version in a service pack – R14SP1 – that contains changes related to the patent litigation.

The modified version of Simulink eliminated certain features so as not to infringe National Instruments’ patents.

An earlier Court decision affirmed that customers can continue to use previously purchased Simulink products that do not contain the patent-related modifications and that The MathWorks can continue to provide technical support for the products.