Mathsoft upgrade

Software developer Mathsoft has released a new version of its Mathcad calculation software.

Mathcad 13 includes new program debugging capabilities, including the ability to insert traces and step through program loops to enhance auditing and verification.

It also includes improved 2D plot graphics with a customisation menu for special line types, symbol markers and colours.

A new Autosave feature prevents design engineers from losing valuable work, and new error messages pinpoint mathematical errors that design engineers may have otherwise overlooked.

For the first time, the software supports units such as Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Decibels, and enables customers to create custom units via an easy-to-use menu.

Mathcad 13 also includes a new class of “provenance” capabilities, enabling organisations to determine conclusively the source of a particular calculation, value or result, including those in engineers’ annotations. The provenance capabilities ensure engineers’ work is fully traceable and auditable.

Mathcad 13 is available now at a list price of $1,195 per user (€995 or £665), with an upgrade price of $325 to $425 (€265 to €345 or £200 to £235), depending on the current version used.