Maxon Motor sets up direct sales in the UK

Following a global reorganisation, Maxon Motor will now be selling and supporting its products direct in the UK, and is using Manufacturing Week to launch a number of new products.

On show wil be a new DC brushless micromotor with an external diameter of 22mm, offering speeds up to 50,000rpm and an output of 50W.

Other products on display include ironless and brushless motors, gearheads, encoders and electronic controllers.

Maxon says that it will be following up the 830 or more new and improved products that it launched this year with a huge number next year, and is looking at a number of exciting projects. One of these is the development of components for a high tech robot to be used by heart surgeons. The robot, used in bypass operations, will allow the surgeon to make three small punctures and feel exactly the right resistance, monitoring the operation on a screen.

Maxon Motor Tel: 0118 973 3337