Maxwell Technologies opens UK division in Great Yarmouth

Maxwell Technologies, a producer of components for the global space and satellite industry, has opened a UK division in Great Yarmouth.

Maxwell Technologies has also reached a manufacturing agreement with Yarmouth-based C-MAC Micro Technology to provide the European, Canadian and Asian space markets with fully qualified radiation-tolerant microelectronic memory devices.

‘We are working independently of our US parent company and in response to demand created by the rapid growth of domestic and military satellite technology, and continuing space exploration in the UK, across Europe and beyond,’ said Keith Watts, who heads up Maxwell Technologies’ new UK division.

Initially, C-MAC will assemble, test and qualify Maxwell’s radiation-tolerant 1Mb and 4Mb EEPROM products at its plant in Great Yarmouth. The long-term aim is to develop a range of components that can be manufactured in the UK and delivered directly into Europe.