Maytag ‘virtually’ launches a washer

Consumers, retailers and media alike will all be able to test drive a new Maytag washer — all online and all months ahead of availability. The simulation will be available at and in July. The washer will be available in stores in the US early in the fourth quarter.

The technology that will allow all this to happen is ‘LiveProducts’ software from e-SIM that can produce interactive and accurate simulations on the Web, complete with animated feature demonstrations with streaming voiceover and online user manuals.

‘As consumers are shopping for major appliances, it’s important that consumers be comfortable with their purchase and have an opportunity to interact with it,’ said Gareth Morgan, Maytag Corporation’s manager of e-Business. With LiveProducts, e-SIM allows us to share all of this information with consumers on-line and before the Maytag Neptune is available.’

e-SIM’s proprietary simulation technology enables the distribution of electronic LiveProducts, ‘virtual products” that look and behave like real products, over the Internet or Intranet for web-based electronic commerce, interactive customer support and marketing.

e-SIM has already launched its own Web service and portal site,, featuring product simulations, animated walk-throughs of product features, and online user manuals.

e-SIM’s simulation technology builds off its RapidPlus line of software products, which enables product designers and engineers to create simulated computer prototypes of electronic products that are fully functional, interactive and behaviorally identical to the manufactured products and systems.