MCAD gets a makeover

CADKEY Corporation has released Version 21.5 of its MCAD product line which contains more than 250 enhancements over previous generation products.

Enhancements since V21, released earlier this year, include improved IGES translators, surface matching capability, additional mechanical libraries, new ACIS Version 11 solid and surface modelling from Spatial Corporation, and an improved HOOPS Version 9 graphics engine from TechSoft America.

The release is now available for download from CADKEY’s website so that its ‘Annual Update Contract’ (AUC) customers can download it immediately rather than wait for their update CD shipment to arrive.

The CADKEY product line consists of three freeform design products: CADKEY Workshop is a complete freeform modelling solution with ACIS-based freeform solid modelling, advanced freeform surface modelling, assembly modelling, drafting, wireframe and mechanical libraries. CADKEY Workshop EX adds integrated ACIS translators for CATIA 4, Pro/E, and Unigraphics to CADKEY Workshop, while CADKEY GraphX is a 2D/3D professional mechanical drawing software.

CADKEY Workshop sells for $3,000. CADKEY Workshop EX sells for $6,000, while CADKEY GraphX is $1,000; All include a one year Annual Update Contract.

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