MCAD integration for Flotherm

Flomerics has released an enhanced FLO/MCAD module which enables parts and assemblies from mechanical computer aided design (MCAD) software to be transferred easily and rapidly into Flotherm for thermal analysis. FLO/MCAD Version 2 intelligently filters geometrical data and automatically produces a simplified `thermal equivalent’ model, so reducing the time to perform thermal analysis.

Incorporated into the new version is the `Healing Husk’ module from Spatial Technology, which is highly tolerant to inaccuracies and inconsistencies in IGES and other data files. This makes it possible to read and interpret a far wider range of geometry data files than with earlier versions. Support for the direct import of geometry files in STL format is provided, as is a new dialogue for supporting the export of various flavours of IGES file. This makes it possible to use FLO/MCAD as a geometry pre-processor for applications other than Flotherm.

`Decompose Assembly’ operations are handled with a slider bar, and an inbuilt `Undo’ function is provided to make simplification a more intuitive and interactive process.

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