Mechanical event simulation times reduced

Faster finite element analysis (FEA) processing of highly detailed models using new 2D and 3D kinematic finite elements is offered by a new advancement to Algor’s Mechanical Event Simulation software.

Algor says elimination of stress processing for the kinematic elements dramatically reduces processing time. Using kinematic elements, you can simulate an event using a complete CAD solid model or assembly on a desktop computer in an efficient amount of time. The new element type is available with Release 12 – Algor’s latest version of its FEA software.

Mechanical Event Simulations with Accupak V/E – Algor’s FEA software that simulates motion and flexing in devices during a hypothetical event and shows stresses in the model at each given instant in time – are no longer limited by a computer’s analysis processing time, especially on models with complex geometry. Algor says that you can now use kinematic elements in relatively rigid areas of a model while using regular finite elements in areas of engineering concern to obtain stresses only where needed. This capability dramatically reduces processing time.

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