Mechanical switch replaced

Protentiometers or mechanical switching systems have often been regarded as the least expensive solution for designers who need to build industrial control systems. Now, there is a cheaper alternative in the form of a single chip integrated circuit that has been developed by Austria Mikro Systeme. This single chip magneto sensor detects magnetic fields produced by a low-cost external magnet for calculating absolute angles for 0 degrees to 360 degrees.

Designers can use the magnetosensor chip in multi-position rotary switches, as well as step motor controls, steering wheel position indicators, electric motor torque control, and industrial and robotics positioning and monitoring systems.

The advantage of the magnetic sensor ASIC system is in its adaptability to different magnetic encoders, its insensitivity to dust, moisture and its ability to perform self-test and self-trimming procedures, for example, to compensate for system assembly tolerances.

The robust angle measurement is due to signal processing that compensates for external field and alteration in the magnetic field amplitude that can be caused by temperate, mechanical stress and manufacturing tolerances.

Analogue as well as digital signal processing circuitry can be combined on the same chip to convert the sensor signals into an analog voltage or a digital bit word that corresponds to the absolute angle position.

The chip itself measures the absolute angle of a rotating encoder magnet and very small magnets (approx. 3mm) with high rotation frequencies of The sensor system block for angular measurement is self contained and does not require additional external devices.

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