Medica leg-up for Salitas

Yorkshire healthcare solutions provider Salitas is launching its innovative Leg Support System designed to reduce serious back pain problems

Knaresborough, Yorkshire-based healthcare solutions provider Salitas is launching its innovative leg support system at a key medical show.

Salitas’ system is designed to the reduce back pain and injuries care givers can suffer when manually lifting and holding a patient’s leg. It will be launched at Medica 2007, the world’s largest healthcare technologies trade fair held later this month in Germany.

The leg support system works to raise and support a patient’s lower limb and brings about a significant reduction in the muscle stress associated with this activity. It allows hip movement to be maintained while reducing the risk of pressure sores on the heel, DVT, and hyperextension at the knee joint.

One part of the system, the suspension stand, is also effective as a stand alone product and is able to support a wide variety of loads other than suspension of the leg, such as the positioning of drips and monitors above or close to the patient.

Salitas will also launch its plaster room suspension system at Medica. It is designed to reduce the risk of staff developing back injuries whilst applying cast to a lower limb and to improve patient comfort.

The Bradford sling, designed for a range of post-procedural end uses and with the ability to speed up recovery time for patients suffering from complex burns and other trauma, will also be showcased.