Meeting next century’s packaging demands for fragile parts

As we enter the next millennium, packaging challenges are increasing as swiftly as technology. Electronic components, medical devices and other durables are becoming smaller, more delicate and more valuable. Demanding consumers expect parts to arrive in a fit condition, ready for use, they do not have time to reorder damaged goods and wait for replacements.

To meet these demands, ADE designs and makes high performance packaging that protects fragile parts.

When ADE was approached by a manufacturer of laser system components for a packaging solution, the search began for an innovative resolution. The first requirement was for a tough external packaging material. After evaluating a number of plastics, Eastar PCTG copolyester, from Eastman Chemical, was selected for the external shell. `It was so tough’, said Priscilla Keach, marketing manager at ADE, `we could drop it without breaking it and could even stand on it. We also wanted a plastic with high clarity, and its sparkling clarity gives the package a very high tech look.’

The result is the Crystalair Compression Pack, where the copolyester is used for the tough, impact-resistant outer clamshell casing and a film of polyurethane is sealed to a frame that snap-fits into the clamshell to suspend the contents of the package. When a delicate component is placed inside and the case is closed, the polyurethane moulds around the part and holds it suspended inside the protective outer case.

Eastar copolyester moulds well, can be sterilised using gamma radiation, and is resistant to various medical chemicals and solutions like alcohols and lipids.

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