Meeting seasonal target launch dates

With seasonal products like lawn sweepers, string strimmers and chain saws, the importance of meeting target launch dates is obvious. Yet the pressure is just as intense throughout the remainder of Shop.Vac’s products which include Goblin vacuum cleaners, tea makers and steam cleaners.

It is not surprising then that the company views any opportunity to harness technology to provide a competitive advantage with interest. To meet some of the pressure placed on it, the Leeds based design and development team had gone some way to implementing concurrent engineering principles, only to be limited by its existing 2D CAD system. The team was aware that an integrated solution, allowing the core model to be used as the source for a variety of downstream activities, would offer the sort of advantages it was seeking. The team ascertained that an advanced surface modelling system would meet its needs, and it was turned to Matra Datavision’s Euclid.

One of Euclid’s strengths, the company found, is the ease with which data from its previous system could be transferred, using the IGES translator. It also enabled the team to explore avenues previously closed to it. In one particular project, using the package it was possible to send files to another user for the production of SLA components direct from the 3D CAD models. Using the SLA original as a master pattern 12 ABS prototypes were produced for test and user trials. This trimmed more than two months from the project. Equally, the Euclid 3D files were transferred in VDA format directly to the toolmakers for the production of mould tools, condensing tool-making lead times by about a third.

Shop.Vac says it has achieved savings of up to 50% on new product development cycles, bringing better products to market faster.

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