Meggitt moment

Siemens has chosen Meggitt to provide the monitoring system for Irsching 4, the test power plant for SGT5-8000H, the world’s most powerful gas turbine.

Based in Ingolstadt, Germany, the technologically advanced combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant is capable of powering a city the size of Hamburg and will achieve efficiency of 60 per cent when fully operational in combined cycle.

Monitoring a gas turbine’s vibration and combustion contributes to reliable operation, optimal efficiency and lower emissions.

Dorset-based Meggitt’s integrated solution includes dynamic pressure sensors, relative and absolute vibration sensors and the VM600 protection and condition-monitoring system.

Henry Reinmann, director of energy at Meggitt Sensing Systems’ Vibro-Meter operation in Switzerland, said: ‘This gas turbine represents the future of electricity production. Our complete monitoring solution, which has been fully integrated into Siemens’ systems, is playing an important role in optimising the economics of this highly advanced operation.’

All data collected by the VM600 are continuously transferred to Siemens’ intranet and interfaced with its global networked plant diagnostic platform, the Win_TS system.

Experts working in the company’s diagnostic and research and engineering centres around the world can calculate turbine balancing remotely, saving the time and cost of on-site visits.

Irsching was first fired in December 2007 with a 340MW simple-cycle power output. It will be expanded after an 18-month trial operation into a 530MW combined-cycle power plant and will be handed over by Siemens to E.ON for commercial operation in 2011.