Meltech makes measuring system

Blackburn based coiling and take-up specialist Meltech Engineering has constructed what it claims is the world’s first, in-line, tensioned rope measuring system for Scanrope Subsea.

Scanrope Subsea, a Norwegian manufacturer of offshore mooring rope for tethering oil and gas platforms, produces the longest, largest, and lightest synthetic mooring lines for deepwater mooring in the industry. To support this capability, Scanrope Subsea has incorporated the Meltech in-line tensioning and measuring system into their production line.

This system enables accurate length measurement for mooring system designers and installation contractors. Know as ‘The Ruler’, the system will maintain a reference load in the rope which is specified by many classification societies and other international standards for rope prototype testing.

Rope tensioning is provided by multiwrap twin wheel capstans which operate with one unit leading and one trailing to provide adjustable tensions of up to 25 tonnes in the rope to facilitate length measurement under tension. The drive system is capable of continuous stall operation to allow ropes to remain under tension during weekend shutdown.

Tor Ellefsen, engineering manager, Scanrope Subsea, said: ‘The Meltech in-line tensioning equipment will make a big difference to the accuracy of the length of our mooring ropes. Meltech Engineering is one of the few companies able to take on this kind of bespoke development and have been a valuable partner in developing and manufacturing the in-line tensioning equipment.’