MES giant in the making

Siemens Automation & Drives Group (A&D) has acquired the Italian Orsi group based in Genoa, Italy to strengthen its position in process and manufacturing automation. Siemens and the Orsi shareholders agreed upon the takeover of all shares, pending on approval of the antitrust authorities.

Under the terms of the acquisition the Orsi Group, will trade as a subsidiary of Siemens’ Italy and will become the worldwide MES competence for A&D. The company will be managed by Giorgio Cuttica (CEO), former Orsi CEO. The company will bundle the complementary products of Siemens and Orsi and will employ more than 500 specialists.

In the last fiscal year, Orsi, a significant supplier of software products for industrial manufacturing execution systems (MES) solutions generated earnings of around 30 million Euro last fiscal year. The company has some 360 employees. Only recently, Orsi strengthened its activities in the US market through the purchase of Hilco, St. Louis/Missouri.

Orsi Group was founded in 1982 by a small group of entrepreneurs focusing on the application of IT in industrial automation. The company has developed the Cube suite of programs as its core product. Over 80 engineers are currently dedicated to research and development and many more to provide consulting services for our customers and partners worldwide.

Before the acquisition, the majority shareholder in Orsi was Selor, a financial company controlled by Orsi management. Other major shareholders included Endress + Hauser, a leading international group in the process instrumentation business and Egemin, a Belgian process control and warehouse management company.

‘By acquiring the Orsi Group we will become the world’s leading supplier of solutions for e-manufacturing, a market forecasted to grow by more than 20 percent per year.’ commented Anton Huber, vice-president of the A&D Group. Huber claims that Orsi will offer a standardised software architecture, which will permit the interconnection of previously isolated IT islands.

By combining product portfolio the new company will have more than 500 specialists worldwide and a substantial product offering. The Orsi Group is based at eight international locations in Italy, Spain and the UK.