Metal centre

A new €10 million research centre for Innovative Metals Processing (the IMP-C) has been set up by the University of Sheffield.

It will concentrate amongst other things on the processing of titanium and its alloys by powder metallurgy –specifically by Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and direct write technologies.

The IMP-C is industrially focussed and is supported by a consortium of industrial partners including Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Arburg and BASF. The EPMA will be involved in the dissemination of information to its range of contacts across the PM industry.

With funding for the centre’s first four-years, the centre will employ academics from the University of Sheffield, engineers, technicians and PhD level students. Additionally, IMP-C sponsor companies will be encouraged to place staff in the IMP-C to collaborate with academic and technical staff on projects.

All programmes will have the priority of transferring knowledge into regional companies. This will be done via direct contact and technology transfer programmes.

Proposed projects for the centre include MIM of titanium for aerospace and biomedical device applications, large and hollow sectioned MIM components as competitors for castings and developing an integrated MIM minifactory.