Metal-forming instructions added to GuardLogix safety controllers

Rockwell Automation® has received BG certification for a suite of 10 metal-forming instructions added to its Allen-Bradley® GuardLogix® safety controller.

Certified as compliant with European safety standards, by German-based Machine Building & Metals Berufsgenossenschaft (BG MHHW), the instructions form part of the latest version of the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture™ production control and information system. Rockwell Automation is one of the first automation providers outside of Germany to achieve this certification.

The safety instructions make it easier to implement press automation and safety in metal-forming applications by combining standard and safety control functions in a single controller. They are associated with clutch/brake, valve control, cam and crankshaft monitoring and mechanical stamping presses.
BG certification means that more metal-forming machine builders, system integrators and manufacturers can be confident in the use of these preconfigured instruction sets and utilise them to aid in design, startup and commissioning, simplify diagnostics and streamline maintenance.

With the stringent testing and approval processes inherent in BG certification, Rockwell Automation customers that employ GuardLogix programmable automation controllers (PACs) and their preconfigured instruction sets can be confident that these solutions will help satisfy global safety requirements and standards – offering the advantage of a globally standardised, approved approach.

Because GuardLogix controllers are designed to help perform safety and standard functions, the amount of time required for programming, validation and testing is reduced. Using the same controller for both safety and standard control also helps reduce wiring costs. In addition, with GuardLogix controllers, customers can use a common hardware and software suite to perform standard motion control for feeding equipment or automation stations in between the presses while performing safety control measures simultaneously.

Whether planning a new facility or retrofitting an existing press system, GuardLogix controllers can help companies with metal-forming applications bring the latest safety innovations to the plant floor. This can help manufacturers improve productivity and comply with the necessary safety requirements to achieve the Safety Integrity Level required for safer operation.

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