MHI expands in Europe

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has established a UK subsidiary in London to exploit the European market for its power generation systems, including gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) plants.

Through the new base, MHI aims to better respond to demand for power generation equipment in the EU market, which is expected to expand significantly. It will do this through locally tailored marketing activities in the region as well as active collaboration with European companies.

The new company, Mitsubishi Power Systems Europe (MPSE), will take orders for new-build thermal power generation plants, provide after-sales services and promote the expansion of renewable energy business, such as and wind turbines and photovoltaic power generation systems. MPSE intends to expand its territory to cover the Middle East and Russia in the future.

MHI’s power generation systems have penetrated widely into the EU market through numerous power plant and plant equipment deliveries to date, and several projects are currently being negotiated. The company has already delivered about 30 of its large-size steam turbines to local customers, including ENDESA in Spain. It has also delivered more than 30 gas turbines to the EU, mainly to the UK and Spain.