MHI to build Tasmanian power system

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has received an order for a 200MW LNG-fired gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) power generation system from Alinta Energy of Australia. The GTCC plant is scheduled to go on-stream in the second quarter of 2009.

The new GTCC power plant, to be built at the existing Tamar Valley Power Station site in Tasmania, will consist of a M701DA gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and other components. MHI will manufacture a gas turbine and a steam turbine at its Takasago Machinery Works. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will supply the generator.

Alinta Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alinta Limited, which engages in wholesaling of electricity and gas in Australia and New Zealand. The latest order marks MHI’s third unit ordered from the company and the sixth unit for Australia.

With GTCC type power generation, gas and steam turbines are used in combination to generate electricity in two stages, using high-temperature exhaust gas from the gas turbine. This configuration enables GTCC power plants to achieve higher thermal efficiency than non-GTCC plants such as conventional boiler steam turbine plants. Higher efficiency means that GTCC plants reduce fuel consumption relative to electricity output and emit less CO2.