Michell’s new sensor makes recalibration and maintenance as easy

Michell’s new sensor makes recalibration and maintenance as easy ‘as changing a light bulb’

Michell Instruments’ I7000 ‘Hygrosmart’ humidity sensor makes the maintenance of their relative humidity instruments quick and simple with no down-time. The interchangeable module incorporates all calibration data and is delivered together with a calibration certificate.

To ensure continued measurement accuracy over time, the user can ‘recalibrate’ an instrument by simply replacing the old sensor with a new one. The process is as quick and simple as changing a light bulb and no specialist training is required.

The new I7000 Hygrosmart interchangeable module forms the base of a complete range of temperature and humidity instruments, suitable for applications from precision manufacturing to controlled environments and HVAC.

With the current levels of technology most manufacturers now provide the same level of reliability, accuracy and longevity in their RH instruments. But the majority of these instruments still require regular calibration or replacement which means shutting down processes, sometimes for hours at a time. This where the I7000 gives a real advantage to the user and can help save companies thousands of pounds.

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