Micro-controller and modem on a single chip

NEC is now offering a complete telecommunications interface for its latest generation of startWARE starter kits for the V850/SA1 32-bit low power micro-controller. The startWARE modem provides a prototype platform for low speed PTSN or ISDN communications applications on the V850S, allowing low transfer rate modems to be added on to single chip micro-controller applications.

Targeted at applications requiring a low data transfer rate modem for occasional use, the kits will allow designers to add a modem function for little extra cost. The V850S offers up to 22MIPS performance at 20MHz, and the implementation of 2400 baud rate requires only 13MIPS, equating to 59% CPU overhead. This leaves 9MIPS available for user program overheads.

The analogue line interface offers a complete software modem with an on-board speaker. The modem has AT command set for control and has both SDP and DTMF, and programmable tone generation and detection. The ISDN version offers a basic rate interface based on S Transceiver IC. Both versions have trace and diagnostic test software.

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