Microbial Solutions wins Ford award

Oxfordshire-based Microbial Solutions has won a Ford Motor Company TMM Engineering Excellence Award.

Oxfordshire-based Microbial Solutions, which develops innovative technologies to assess and cleanse toxic metal working fluids, has won a Ford Motor Company TMM Engineering Excellence Award.

The award is given to individuals or teams who have made a significant contribution to engineering or organisational excellence within engine and transmission manufacturing.

The company received the award for its contribution to devising tests to assess the control of mycobacteria, a microbial bacteria that can contaminate metalworking fluids and has been linked to hypersensitivity pneumonitis, a serious respiratory illness affecting workers in the machining industry.

Microbial Solutions participated in the controlling mycobacteria project alongside senior employees from Ford’s production, manufacturing and environmental engineering departments.

Chief executive officer Professor Will Pope said: ‘We are honoured to receive this prestigious Award from Ford Motor Company and delighted that the contribution which Microbial Solutions’ innovative technology can make to the engineering industry is being recognised in this way.’

Microbial Solutions is a spin-out from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, owned by the Natural Environment Research Council.