Microsoft and Lockheed Martin form IT alliance

Lockheed Martin and Microsoft have formed a strategic alliance to collaboratively pursue new business opportunities in the US federal information technology market.

‘The alliance enables government agencies to draw on the combined expertise of the foremost federal systems integrator and the world leader in business software and Internet connectivity,’ said Robert B Coutts, Executive Vice President of Lockheed Martin’s Systems Integration business area.

The alliance is said to build on existing relationships between Lockheed Martin and Microsoft on projects including the US Air Force Integrated Space Command and Control (ISC2) program and the integrated warfare system for the US Navy’s next nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, CVN 77.

The companies also are members of the Blue Team, which is competing for the Navy’s next-generation land attack destroyer, DD 21, and are collaborating on development of new products and services to link mail processing and information technology.

Under their agreement, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft will work co-operatively to identify and pursue new business opportunities in the federal marketplace, principally involving information technology programs.

The companies will establish cross-functional business development and technology teams to focus their core competencies on existing and emerging opportunities, identify process improvements and exchange best practices.

Lockheed Martin will concentrate initially on deployment of Microsoft technology in three areas: Windows Distributed interNet Architecture (Windows DNA) 2000; Visual Development Environment, which supports increased developer productivity by bringing together all the tools necessary to build and manage a Web application within a single work space, and Information Assurance.

Each of Lockheed Martin’s four principal business areas – aeronautics, space, systems integration and technology services – will have access to Microsoft technologies and products under terms of the alliance agreement.