Microsoft and UGS collaborate on collaboration

Microsoft and Unigraphics Solutions have joined forces to deliver DesignKNet, a tool suite to help manufacturers and ASPs (application service providers) develop design collaboration portals. The companies believe that DesignKNet, the first offering within Unigraphics’ in-KEY family, will reduce design-cycle time, minimise costs, enable innovation and improvement, and improve procurement efficiency.

The DesignKNet solution combines the reliable collaboration platform of Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 with the capabilities of Unigraphics, iMAN and ProductVision, allowing collaboration between global designers and internal departments, as well as between OEMs and their engineering and manufacturing supply chain.

DesignKNet allows a multitude of users to see the impact of design changes in real time using native Unigraphics, UGS’ high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software.

DesignKNet and Unigraphics make real-time collaboration possible by using ‘thin’ commands so each system quickly updates to the current state. Users can connect, collaborate and correct using extensions to the Microsoft’s Exchange 2000.