Microsoft comes out of the Xbox

Microsoft yesterday disclosed US pricing and availability for its new X Box video game system. Starting November 8th, 2001, Xbox consoles will be available for purchase at retail outlets throughout North America for an estimated retail price of $299.

Microsoft also announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Warner Brothers and a signed alliance with Universal Interactive Services to create Xbox games. Microsoft and Warner Bros. will develop and publish Xbox games based on Steven Spielberg’s new film ‘AI,’ that will hit cinemas in the US on June 29th.

Microsoft will also publish three ‘AI’ games, considered interactive sequels to the movie, two of which are slated for release this autumn in conjunction with the console’s launch in North America.

Additionally, Microsoft and Universal Interactive Services will develop an Xbox game featuring the highly coveted Bruce Lee license. ‘Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon,’ developed by Ronin Entertainment, will also be published exclusively on Xbox. ‘

Despite support for the system, Microsoft has to conquer the all-important Japanese marketplace. And waiting in the wings as its potential Number One competitor is the Ninetendo ‘Cube’, the follow up to the extremely successful N64 video game system.

And when will we see the Nintendo Gamecube you ask? September 14th, 2001 for those of us lucky enough to live in Japan, November 5th, 2001 for those of us lucky enough to live in the USA, and ‘early in 2002’ for those unlucky enough to live in Europe.

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