Microsoft sued (yet again)

Network Commerce has filed suit and received a court date for trial of its patent infringement suit against software giant Microsoft.

Network Commerce has alleged that Microsoft infringes on its US Patent No. 6,073,124 (the ‘124 patent’), which discloses and claims methods and systems for conducting electronic commerce, including a method that uses separate servers and a download component to co-ordinate the downloading of digital content for online transactions.

The patent applies to the distribution of software, music and digital video over the Internet.

‘At Network Commerce, we were pioneers in electronic commerce and the delivery of software and other digital assets, such as multimedia files,’ explains Dwayne Walker, chief executive officer of Network Commerce.

‘As our lawsuit indicates, we believe that Microsoft infringes on our patented technology in various Microsoft software products, including but not limited to the Windows operating system and the Windows Media Technology products,’ Walker said.

‘We hope to resolve this legal dispute amicably, perhaps through a licensing arrangement,’ he added.

Network Commerce has a similar suit pending against Liquid Audio. Earlier this month, the court declined Liquid Audio’s motion to dismiss the case.