CRAIC Technologies has introduced a microspectrophotometer that integrates a UV-visible-NIR spectrophotoemeter with a research grade UV-visible-NIR microscope.

With the appropriate options, the QDI 2000 is capable of transmission, absorbance, reflectance, polarization and even fluorescence spectra of samples under one micron. All of these measurements can be done with the same instrument both non-contact and non-destructively.

‘The QDI 2000 was developed because our customers need to be able to measure deeper into the UV or further into the near IR regions with ever higher spectral resolution,’ said Dr. Paul Martin, President.

With such features as TE cooled CCD detectors and digital imaging up to 5 megapixels, the QDI 2000 uses range from purely scientific research to industrial applications to quality control.

It is equally at home monitoring film thickness on 200 millimetre wafers or colour masks on flat panel displays as it is researching the properties of optical semiconductors or analyzing textile fibres from a crime scene.