Microtune claims victory against Broadcom

Microtune has said that a jury in US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Sherman Division, has found in favour of Microtune in its patent infringement dispute against Broadcom.

The jury found that Microtune’s patent, US Patent No. 5,737,035, was valid and that Broadcom is willfully infringing the patent.

Microtune anticipates that the Court will schedule a hearing within 30 days to consider the issues of granting an injunction with respect to the infringing tuners and to determine the amount of damages to enter based on the jury’s determination of infringement and validity of the ‘035 patent.

‘We are very pleased by the outcome of the trial,’ said Douglas J. Bartek, Chairman and CEO of Microtune.

‘Microtune pioneered the development of the single-chip tuner, the result of years of revolutionary research and development in the radio-frequency silicon field. The jury’s verdict supports the importance and value of intellectual property rights and underscores the truly inventive technology of Microtune and of our exceptional engineering team.’

Microtune’s ‘035 patent covers the development of ‘a highly integrated silicon tuner on a single microcircuit’. It is a technological innovation that Microtune began developing in 1996 and launched publicly as the MicroTuner single-chip tuner in January 1999.

This is one case in a series of actions the two companies have brought against each other. Earlier this month, in a complaint filed in the US International Trade Commission (ITC), Broadcom alleged that Microtune engaged in unfair trade practices by importing tuners, power amplifiers and Bluetooth products that infringe two Broadcom patents.

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