Middlesex University hosts annual STEM Festival

This week sees Middlesex University staging its annual STEM Festival, providing schools in North London with a chance to explore the world of science and technology.

(Credit: Middlesex University)

Taking place on Wednesday March 13, the event will give school pupils the chance to interact with robots, use their brainwaves to complete tasks, learn about the future of computing and ask Middlesex lecturers and students questions about their scientific passions. Visitors can also test their powers of observation by looking down a microscope at tiny particles of different plastics, in a new exhibit to highlight university research into the role of microplastics in transferring pollutants.

“Our Festival offers young people a unique opportunity to explore STEM subjects through a variety of interactive activities and demonstrations,” said Middlesex University vice-chancellor Professor Tim Blackman. “Our aim is that they will be motivated to become the scientists, engineers and mathematicians of tomorrow.”

“At Middlesex we challenge students to push the boundaries of their potential to analyse, create and discover across a wide range of exciting subjects. We provide an environment where students learn skills now that they can put to good use in jobs that have not yet even been created.”

Also new for the 2019 edition of the STEM Festival is a Titan II truck, offering 16 interactive displays that showcase technologies such as Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, internet of things and thermal imaging. Following a day of access for North London schools, the event will open its doors to the public from 5-7pm. Displays include:

– testing your strength and jumping ability using the latest sports science equipment;
– having a go on the realistic virtual roller coaster, the MDX Motion Driven eXperience;
– building models of “molecules of excitement” against the clock;
– finding out how good you are at controlling your thoughts wearing a specialised EEG headset