Millbrook replicates sun exposure

Vehicle test and development facility, Millbrook, has invested in new equipment to simulate the effects of the sun’s rays on vehicles.

The new solar radiation simulation equipment is said to enhance the existing solar capability of the site’s Variable Temperature Emissions Chamber (VTEC).

The VTEC has a temperature range of -40oC to +50oC and the solar simulation equipment will now provide full control over diurnal cycles replicating the sun’s intensity over one complete day.

The new solar arrays consist of six modular sections, measuring up to 4m in height, 3.1m in width and 6m in total length. They can achieve an irradiance in excess of 1,400W/m2.

‘Our solar capability enables us to perform tests that replicate sun exposure in the space of a day, which is time and cost effective for clients in both the military and automotive sectors,’ said Andrew Beach, head of business development. ‘Despite the turbulent economic climate, we continue to invest in and expand our facilities as part of our long-term business strategy to continue to lead the way in vehicle test and development.’