Millions for Movia metro trains

Bombardier Transportation has received an additional order from Metrorex in Romania to supply a further six Movia metro trains, in all 36 cars, for operation on the Bucharest Metro.

The contract is valued at approximately €33m, the funding being shared by the customer Metrorex and the EIB (European Investment Bank).

As with the previous orders for the Movia metro trains for Bucharest, which total more than 260 cars, the final assembly will take place in cooperation with Bombardier’s local Romanian partner, Electroputere.

Delivery of these trains is scheduled to start by the end of 2007 and will be completed in 2008.

Bombardier Transportation in Sweden is responsible for the vehicle deliveries as well as the production of the Mitrac propulsion and controls system at its plant in Västerås. Car bodies and bogies will be produced at the German sites in Görlitz and Siegen.

Bucharest is radically improving its metro system by modernising its fleet of metro trains and its entire metro system.