Mind the gap

SafeHinge has won the highly prestigious Concept Products Award at The Ideal Home Exhibition.

The award recognises innovative new concept designs developed by the UK’s next generation of bright, young design graduates. The Glasgow-based company won the award for its innovative door hinge, which eliminates the problem of finger trapping.

As well as the award, SafeHinge also won prize money worth £2000. This was awarded by Jason Bradbury, Channel 5’s top technology guru from The Gadget Show.

Each year 30,000 children in the UK suffer finger injuries caused by doors, costing the NHS £200m and presenting a problem SafeHinge believes it can address.

The danger associated with conventional hinges, of course, is that they trap fingers when opening and closing.

The sharp corners of the door and the frame act as cutting edges and cause thousands of serious injuries each year, the majority of which are to children. Typical finger injuries caused by traditional hinges range from bruising to fractures and, in severe cases, amputation.

SafeHinge offers an elegant solution to this problem by eliminating the dangerous gap found in conventional hinges. Using patented geometry, SafeHinge makes it physically impossible for finger trappings to occur.