Mine’s a pint!

A free photo service lets people send digital photos over a mobile phone!

At this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (IC Mobile) is offering a mobile photo service which visitors to the German celebration of all things brewed can use free of charge.

By transforming a Siemens SX45 unit into a Picture Messaging unit by use of a digital mount-on camera, a digital image can be sent directly from the beer tent of your choice to any e-mail address.

‘Picture Messaging is an application with enormous potential, and we’re assuming that this application will become just as popular as SMS,’ said Thorsten Heins, head of the Solutions Division of Siemens IC Mobile.

The SX45, a combined pocket PC and mobile phone, is the first Siemens device to offer this new Picture Messaging application. It will be on sale for around 1,100 euro in October. Digital mount-on cameras are available for around 300 euro.

Apart from the photo service, at wap.wiesn.de, Siemens IC Mobile is offering a WAP service with other important information about Oktoberfest.

The service can be accessed from any internet-enabled mobile phone or mobile terminal.

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