Mini production to the max

BMW Group is to build the new mini Clubman at its plant in Oxford, and is on track to reach record production levels of 200,000 this year and 240,000 in the medium term.

BMW invested £200m between 2005 and 2007 to link its vehicle assembly plant in Oxford, its pressings plant in Swindon and its engine plant in Hams Hall near Birmingham. £100m was invested in expanding production capacity at Oxford, £60 for body pressings and sub-assembly technologies at Hams Hall and £30m to build a new family of engines for the Mini which were previously sourced from Brazil.

The increased production levels have resulted in 200 additional jobs being created at Oxford and 250 at Hams Hall over the last year.

Production of engines at Hams Hall is set to rise to 350,000 engines this year, with mini engines being produced alongside four-cylinder petrol engines for BMW models.

UK-based suppliers now provide 60 per cent of Mini parts, where only 40 per cent were previously UK-sourced.