Mini spring cage terminals

Phoenix Contact’s new MSB mini spring cage terminals are a response to requirements for ever smaller terminal boxes. Because of their space-saving construction and line input from above (MSB) or from the side (MSBV), these terminals are particularly well suited to providing wiring where space is restricted.


For simpler current distribution, the mini spring cage terminals are also available as double terminals (MSDB). It is also possible to connect two lines to each side of the terminal.


Like all terminals in the Clipline complete terminal block system, the spring cage terminals have consistent, easy-to-read labelling and consistent bridgeability.

Depending on the specific case, the terminals can be assembled on mounting rails NS 15 and NS 35. They can also be fixed directly to mounting plates using variant engagement pins and flange terminals for screw mounting. The terminals with engagement pins are suitable for metal thicknesses of 0.6 – 1.5 mm.

Protective earth terminals and colour variants can be used to set up easy-to-manage and practical terminal blocks.


Phoenix Contact is one of the world leaders in developing and manufacturing connectivity solutions and automation components.  Its principal product ranges include: printed circuit board connectors; modular terminal blocks; fieldbus components; surge voltage protection systems; industrial plug and socket connectors and interface units. In all of these areas, Phoenix Contact can offer technical expertise and cost effective solutions. 


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