Miracle cure

Permabond has introduced 4 new UV acrylic adhesives that it claims combine the advantages of single-part application with a fast ‘cure on demand’ capability.

The range is said to cure to a transparent material almost instantaneously under UV light, permitting their use on ever-faster production lines.

UV7138, a tough and flexible adhesive, has good impact and vibration resistance and can bond to surfaces including glass and metals. With handling time achieved in moments, bonding processes can be incorporated into high-speed production line assembly.

UV7168 is a non-drip thixotropic gel, which provides such high bond strengths on UV stabilised plastic such as polycarbonate and PMA, that the bond can remain in place even after substrate failure.

UV7172 will bond ‘difficult’ rigid or semi-rigid materials, such as ferrite, and will also bond through stabilised plastics.

Finally, UV7188 has a low viscosity of only 130mPas and is toughened. Designed for structural bonding, it provides the highest performance of any Permabond UV product on glass and glass/metal. The adhesive can also be applied after the components have been brought together, allowing more accurate alignment.


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