Mobility electronics secures patent for split bridge

Mobility Electronics has been awarded a broad, general patent for its PCI Split Bridge technology. Mobility Electronics’ Split Bridge technology allows the extension of a computer PCI bus to a remote device, which includes a secondary PCI bus through a cable with little or no performance degradation or software requirements.

This patented technology splits a standard PCI-PCI bridge chip, connecting the two halves with a high-speed serial link consisting of a thin, inexpensive cable and low-force helix connectors specifically designed for this special application. The high-speed link currently operates at data transfer speeds of up to 1.25 Gbs in both directions simultaneously — more than 100 times faster than USB technology.

Increases to 2.5 Gbs are already in development, with further speed enhancements and alternative link options planned in the future. The Split Bridge system looks to the computer like a standard PCI compliant bridge chip. Mobility Electronics’ Split Bridge technology won the PC Week Best New Technology Award at COMDEX Fall 1999 and received honorable mention at the March 2000 Mobile Insights conference for the Technology Achievement Innovation of the Year.

Mobility Electronics’ patent, U.S. Patent No. 6070214, broadly covers all the fundamentals of Split Bridge technology. In addition, Mobility Electronics has numerous patents pending on the application of Split Bridge technology in many other areas. Mobility Electronics

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