Model it, make it, and inspect it

With the addition of PowerSHAPE and PowerINSPECT to its Power Solutions suite of products, Delcam says it is the only company to offer a complete range of advanced CAD/CAM software products that cover the entire spectrum of design to manufacture, from the preparation of designs for production through to the manufacture and inspection of moulds, tools, dies and components with complex geometries.

PowerSHAPE bridges the gap between conventional computer aided design and manufacturing, allowing users to prepare designs produced using conventional solid modellers for manufacture. PowerSHAPE allows the user to import a model from another system and, using sophisticated surfacing tools such as surface creation from curves and dynamic surface manipulation, to add complex features such as fillets and split and draft surfaces. This eliminates gaps and errors in the original model, and provides additional information needed to ensure the manufacturability of a high quality finished product.

PowerINSPECT is a new integrated inspection package for use with 3D co-ordinate measuring machines and inspection arms. Its main applications will be the inspection of prototype and batch parts, moulds, tools, patterns, electrodes and master models.

PowerINSPECT can accept data from virtually any proprietary CAD system, either via direct translators or one of the accepted data exchange standards, such as IGES. Models can then be viewed, inspected for flaws and measured.

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