Modelling macromolecules

University of Central Lancashire researchers are using a supercomputer to develop a simulation of macromolecule materials, a key component in the field of soft nanotechnology.

Containing 56 high-powered processors, the Silicon Graphics Altix supercomputer is being used by Dr Xiaohu Guo. He published a paper in collaboration with PhD student Marco Pinna in a group led by UCLan’s Dr Andrei Zvelindovsky, reader in computational and theoretical physics, which described the development of powerful computer program to simulates materials made of macromolecules.

This is a first major step in producing supercomputer-aided design for soft nanotechnology, one of the fastest growing fields of the 21st century.

Dr Guo said: ‘I am delighted that our work has been recognised and it helps that I’m working in such a supportive research environment here at UCLan.’

Dr Zvelindovsky added: ‘The work carried out by Dr Guo on UCLan’s supercomputer was the key element that helped us to secure a prestigious HPC-Europa Transnational Access grant.

‘This funding is enabling us to work at the recently-opened Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, which hosts MareNostrum, the most powerful supercomputer in Europe and in the top ten worldwide.’