Monitoring corrosion

The CorrView corrosion monitor is a new product specifically designed for monitoring corrosion activity under real world conditions.

Physically, CorrView has the basic form of a standard hex headed pipe plug, and can be installed into any threaded pipe, tank, or pressure vessel opening.

At its rear or liquid contacting surface, a precision machined layer of metal provides a specific wall thickness dimension that corrodes away under service. A clear sight glass at the front of CorrView normally displays a white colour to signify that corrosion and accumulated wall loss has not exceeded this dimension or thickness limit.

Since the metal is typically manufactured from the same metal alloy as the actual pipe that it is inserted into and exists under identical operating conditions, it corrodes similarly.

Once the predefined amount of metal has corroded away, water enters CorrView’s sealed chamber to trigger a bright and permanent visual indication or alarm condition at its front sight glass.

In effect, it acts as a ‘liquid fuse’ providing a warning indication after a set amount of corrosion has been exceeded.

Standard CorrView models are available in US pipe thread sizes 3/4 in NPT, 1 in NPT, and 1-1/2 in NPT – making it applicable for most HVAC piping and process water systems. On special order, CorrView is available in any standard NPT, BPT, AWWA, or metric thread size.

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