Moog achieves the FIA seal of approval (homologation) for servo valves used in Formula One motor sport

Three control valves from Moog Controls have received homologation (granting of approval) from the FIA for use with the 2008 Standard Engine Control Unit (ECU).


To race in events such as Formula One, a vehicle and its constituent components must be homologated by the FIA (motor sport’s world governing body). Therefore, achieving FIA homologation [approval] means that only the components listed can be used in specific Formula One applications.


In addition, events administered by other organisations, such as the Motor Sports Association (MSA), the sole motor sport governing body for the United Kingdom, may also restrict the selection of components to those with FIA homologation.


The components from Moog Controls which have achieved this exalted status are the E024 and E050 range of servovalves, used by all the F1 teams, and the E050 series micro-solenoid valve.

F1 hydraulics generally operate at temperatures of up to 135C, compared to c.60C on typical industrial systems. In any hydraulic circuit, throttling flow generates heat. Most industrial systems incorporate large reservoirs and coolers to dissipate the heat. In contrast, F1 hydraulic reservoirs and coolers are designed to be small and light, and with no significant oil mass in the system, temperatures rise quickly.


A consequence of high temperatures is low oil viscosity. Therefore, both the E024 and E050 have been specifically designed and optimised to perform to specification, even in these extreme conditions.


Both the E024 and E050 Series valves are high performance proportional valves used for rapid and precise closed loop control of hydraulic actuators. Typical applications include:

          Gear Selection

          Clutch Actuation

          Throttle Actuation

          Control of the differential.


Some car functions require only on-off hydraulic control. These include engaging reverse gear and opening the “cat-flap,” an access door to the fuel filler. F1 cars also include a special safety feature, the clutch-disengagement system, used after accidents or breakdowns. Pressing a red button on the dashboard dumps oil stored in an accumulator into the clutch slave cylinder, which opens the clutch and permits race marshals to push the car off the circuit.


For these applications, Moog developed the E050-747 microsolenoid valve. The three-way, normally closed, two-position valve weighs less than 40g, making it one of the smallest direct-acting hydraulic solenoid valves available. The valve comprises a single passive coil with a resistance of 135 ohms at 25C. It is available in four versions, identical electrically, the only difference being the size of internal orifices to optimise the valve for different pressures.