Moog Controls celebrates 40 years in Tewkesbury

7th November 2008 – Aerospace and industrial specialists Moog Controls announces 40 years of growing business in Tewkesbury. A major local employer, Moog’s success – past, present and future – is based on significant local operations as well as world clas

Moog Controls is part of the global Moog Corporation and has its roots in the design and manufacture of high performance precision motion control solutions, suitable for the very highest performing customers within the industrial and aerospace business sectors.

Moog history – hydraulics, not synthesisers
The heart of the Moog business is the hydraulic servo-valve, invented by engineer Bill Moog  – the second cousin of Robert Moog, who did invent the Moog Synthesiser! Bill created a lightweight servo-valve that allowed aircraft designers to control large flying surfaces using hydraulic control. These valves saved weight, which added design flexibility – important at that early stage of the jet age and the impending huge growth of passenger air travel. Since then, Moog has developed globally and locally, and has a vast range of technologies and products in 35 locations, with five operating divisions and more than $1.8bn in revenue.

The Tewkesbury facility plays a key role in the design, manufacture, development and implementation of a wide variety of industrial and aerospace products, from complete aircraft flight control and actuation systems, to specialist micro valves for Formula One cars. 
A Unique Culture

Moog strives to maintain one of the most refreshing and unique working cultures in modern industry. More than 50 years ago, Bill Moog designed a set of values that are still in practice today. Barry Morgan, who has worked at Moog for 35 years, said: “The opportunities offered by Moog for people to develop are as strong today as when I joined the fledgling company in 1970. In all the time I have worked here, Moog has consistently offered opportunities for people to develop their skill and careers and is most certainly a people orientated company.”

And Mary Brennan, of Moog’s human resources operations, added: “Growth of our business has been supported by the continued efforts we place in developing our people and processes to support this culture. Indeed, we feel that the people working here at Moog in Tewkesbury can be justifiably proud of their achievements. We have exceptional local talent in the business and aim to keep it that way in years to come.”

Moog Controls is one of the largest companies in the Gloucester area and supports several local activities and programmes. It has links with the Alderman Knight School and was a major supporter of the 2007 Flood Fund, and the recent Over The Rainbow celebration held at Tewkesbury Abbey also received Moog support.

Educational and training links extend into Gloucester College as well as sponsorship of some major initiatives at the University of Bath – itself a centre of excellence in fluid power and motion control expertise.

Tewkesbury’s continued growth even in these difficult commercial times is a result of teamwork – that team develops unique applications for customers’ business challenges wherever they may be: locally, nationally or globally as part of a team of thousands.

Steve Darnell from Moog’s Industrial Business Group said: “It’s fair to say that we are experts in making the seemingly impossible happen on a routine basis. We solve some of the most complex motion control problems that help our customers win in their own marketplace, and our solutions embrace high performance products to complete test systems for automotive and aerospace suppliers. If you need precision control of motion, we have all the tools you will ever need.”

The Tewkesbury site works with many global customers delivering products and solutions to exacting international standards. Over its 40 triumphant years, the firm’s growth rate is well above the market rate and very much in step with aspirations to ensure the corporation remains ahead of the industry. Moog Controls has seen almost continuous growth from the birth of the company to now, remains a strong financial and intellectual contributor to the entire corporation and is destined to remain so in the future.

Site manager Steve Hawkins said: “Here at Moog Tewkesbury, we have a great business. Most importantly, we have first class people from the local area with a huge breadth and depth of skills in the design and manufacture of motion control components and systems. When you combine this capability with the resources and might of the global Moog organisation you get a winning formula to develop new and exciting customer solutions. I can’t wait for the next 40 years.”

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